FlexxPump Kolben

Lubricating – FlexxPump automatic lubrication systems

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Small and powerful. The FlexxPump1 lubricator.

We offer the single-point lubrication system as a battery version for 4.5V, with a 24 V DC connection or an interface for a PLC control. The FlexxPump1 can be used as a lubricator or also as a multi-point lubrication system in combination with progressive distributors or electromechanical distributors. Cartridges with 125 ml capacity are provided for the FlexxPump1.


Flexible and powerful. The FlexxPump4 multi-point lubrication system.

The FlexxPump4 enables a very flexible direct supply of at least one and a maximum of four lubrication points. Due to the high pressure build-up of up to 70 bar, the FlexxPump4 can also be used as a multi-point lubrication system in conjunction with distribution systems. A cartridge with a capacity of 400 ml is provided as standard for the FlexxPump4.