Lubrication System FlexxPump4 Power Supply

Electromechanical lubrication system

for the direct supply of max. two lubrication points

The FlexxPump4 N is a highly efficient, microprocessor-controlled single or multi-point lubrication system. The power supply for the FlexxPump4 N is 24 VDC using an M12x1 connector. The lubrication system is suitable for the accurate and demand-oriented direct supply of grease or oil to a maximum of two lubrication points. Due to the high operating pressure of approx. 70 bar (1015 psi), the FlexxPump4 N can also be used in combination with lubricant distributors to supply several lubrication points.

The following operating modes can be flexibly set on the FlexxPump4 N:

  • Hour-Mode -h- (setting of a pause time between two lubrication cycles and setting of the number of cycles during a dispensing cycle)
  • Empty-Time-Mode Et (setting of an emptying time in months and setting of the number of cycles during a dispensing cycle)
  • Pulse-Mode PUL (control of the FlexxPump4 N via FlexxControl or PLC)
  • Greases up to NLGI class 2
  • Oils up to 30,000 mm²/s

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  • Rolling and plain bearing lubrication
  • Linear guides
  • Ball screws
  • Racks and pinions
  • Chains
Hour-Mode -h-:

Pause time 1 - 240 h

Number of cycles 1 - 30

Empty-Time-Mode Et:

Emptying time 1 – 36 months

Number of cycles 1 – 30

External connection:
Pressure monitoring:
Level pre-warning:
Empty level warning:
Technical specifications
Power supply:
+24 VDC
Connection plug:
M12x1 4 pole, A-codiing
Number of outlets:
max. 2
Operating temperature:

min. – 20 °C

max. + 70 °C

Maximum output pressure:
70 bar (1015 psi)
Protection class:
Volume per dispensing stroke:
0,15 cm³
Cartridge volume:

400 ml (Standard Cartridge)

250 ml (optional)

Outlet connection:
Connector for hose 6mm
Mounting position:
approx. 1100 g
Dimensions W, H, D:

108 x 200 x 111 mm (250ml cartridge)


108 x 165 x 111 mm (400ml cartridge)

Article no. Name No. of outlets Cartridge size
215354 FP4 ND211 1 250 ml
215355 FP4 ND212 2 250 ml
215350 FP4 ND411 1 400 ml
215351 FP4 ND412 2 400 ml
215358 FP4 ND411-OIL 1 400 ml
215359 FP4 ND412-OIL 2 400 ml
215266 FP4 ND211-HZ 1 250 ml
215263 FP4 ND212-HZ 2 250 ml
215264 FP4 ND411-HZ 1 400 ml
215237 FP4 ND412-HZ 2 400 ml