TriboServ FlexxGear G

straight toothed lubrication gear

The FlexxGear G lubrication gears are made of toothed polymer segments. Due to this segmented structure, a wide variety of gear widths are possible.

The open-cell structure of the polymer foam allows the lubrication gear to hold a large volume of lubricant and to release it in a metered manner. As a result, a homogeneous film of lubricant forms on the gears to be lubricated, ensuring ideal lubrication over a long period of time.

Relubrication takes place through holes in the mounting axis and delivery channels in the gear segments themselves.

The advantages of this application method are summarized:

  • Avoidance of insufficient lubrication and wear on the gear surfaces
  • with correct dosage no overlubrication and thus no unnecessary contamination
  • easy and flexible mounting of the lubrication gears
  • Greases up to NLGI class 3, with or without solid particles
  • Oils up to 30,000 mm²/s (at 40 °C)

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Attachment to straight toothed

  • racks
  • sprockets
  • pinions

in robotics and automation, wind turbines, open gear rims in bogies, rotary kilns, mixing technology ...

Chemical resistance:
very good
Wear characteristics:
very good
Paint compatibility:
tested and approved
tested and approved
plain bearing and sealed
Technical specifications
Type of gearing:
Available module sizes:
Module 2 up to module 10
Operating temperature:

min. – 30 °C (– 22 °F)

max. +140 °C (+ 284 °F)

max. velocity:

5 m/s

> 2 m/s use splash guard

Material segment discs:
Material density:
240 kg/m²

Dimensions – FlexxGear straight toothed

lubrication gear flexxgearg
Item-Nr. Module [mm] Width [mm] Number of teeth Z Outer diameter Da [mm] Hole diameter di [mm] Pitch diameter Tk [mm]
702030 2 20 17 38 12 34
702021 3 30 17 57 12 51
702063 4 40 17 76 12 68
201706 5 50 17 95 20 85
204186 6 60 17 114 20 102
702078 8 80 17 152 20 136
700342 10 100 13 150 20 130

Special versions

In addition to the standard range, TriboServ offers additional helical right toothed lubrication gears in special designs. These differ in the helix angle, the number of teeth, the width or the module. For this purpose, please use the contact form or contact us directly.

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